Taco Review: Cosina Grill, 1706 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, IL


Type: Lonely Mexican Restaurant Tacos

Price: $$$, BYO


I have been driving by this place for what seems like forever, and finally on a whim I decided to check out their tacos. It always seemed empty and a little depressing to me. Maybe because it’s off the beaten path and not too close to the Andersonville strip. Or maybe it’s because the whole storefront is windows, and if you’re going to have your whole storefront be windows, it’s probably a good idea to have people in your restaurant.

We walk in and get seated by our server. I don’t remember what his name was but let’s call him Gary. There is a painting of an angry Mexican lady holding her pissed-off kid that gave us the stink eye our entire lunch. After a few minutes Gary brings out our complimentary chips and salsa. It consisted of a roasted tomatillo salsa, a milder roasted red salsa, and what I would call a tomato sauce with some onions in it. The tomatillo was chunky and delicious, and also quite spicy. The red salsa was tasty but diminished in flavor after eating the tomatillo, and I’m pretty sure they just emptied a jar of Pace for the mild salsa. Also, the water glasses appeared to be made of a very heavy crystal probably carved out of a geode. I was doing bicep curls every time I drank my water. 

They didn’t have any a la carte tacos on the menu. Did that stop me from ordering tacos? You bet your chalupa it didn’t. I ordered the taco plate that comes with two tacos and rice and beans. I opted for steak and chicken, though they do have a third option of chorizo if that’s your thing. There were no vegetarian tacos, but they did have a good amount of vegetarian plates available. I would also like to add I believe a true taco plate should come with 3 tacos, but that’s a whole other blog post. I asked Gary if the tortillas were made in-house and he said no. After we had some lively discussion regarding the creepy painting and did a few bicep curls, Gary brought out our food. 

Cosina Grill Taco Review

Taco Taco

The steak taco was good. Not knock your chancletas off good, but a solid taco. The steak tasted great and was cooked perfectly, and the pieces were large but not too large. I don’t like it when there are tiny little pieces of steak in my taco. I must say, I do feel it was lacking in the onion department, but I happen to like a lot of onions on my tacos so maybe it would have been fine for the lay-taco person.  

The chicken taco, I wasn’t so crazy about. It was adobe seasoned but not grilled. I have a feeling they used the same chicken they use for their enchiladas. If you want to have a good chicken taco, grill that @#$%. A little seasoning and a turn on the grill, and you’ll have yourself a tasty chicken taco. If you don’t want to offend grandma, then maybe this steamed or whatever chicken taco is the one for you. 

Cosina Grill Taco Review


The rice came preformed in the shape of a hockey puck. The beans were okay, but the rice was seriously lacking flavor. Garlic and salt, it’s not that hard people. 

All in all, I wouldn’t order tacos again, but I have a feeling the rest of the food is very good, and I will be returning for some enchiladas or what have you. Also, it’s BYO, which totally rules if you like to booze it up a little during dinner. Parking is easy, right on Foster, no meters.  

I give Cosina 3.5 out of 5 chiles.  

Cosina Grill can be found at 1706 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL. (773) 271-7103

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